In our complex world of rapid transformation, Somatic Coaching is a groundbreaking holistic approach. The idea of embodied learning is a basis of this profession. It is based on the somatic teaching, somatic means body-based, means “on the body”. 

Many “dysfunctions” people struggle in their life with are symptomatic of disembodiment – simply not feeling in their body. At this point, we address the main issue. What happens when we don’t feel ourselves? We cannot make our own choices, we cannot make our own judgements, we don’t know anymore what is good and what is bad for us – that makes us an easy target for socially imposed model which tells you how to look, what to buy, who to love and eventually – how to live your life. 

By reconnection to our innate body-intelligence, we can deeply embrace these changes as opportunities for personal and collective development.

I invite people to feel themselves. For some, it feels instantly pleasurable, like coming back home. For some, it’s intimidating, it’s a struggle. Why there is so much resistance to feel ourselves? Well, for one, embodied living enables you to feel – to feel everything, the full spectrum of emotions, you feel more joy, but also you might feel pain and sadness, all these feelings we tried to suppress when learning not to feel in the first place. Reconnecting with your body, you come back home and get all these feelings overcoming you. 

I like to give people back this feeling of being whole, accepting and loving themselves as beautiful beings they are. 

The focus of my work is on your empowerment  – your ability to make a change for yourself, your choice about what is done to you. I will create a safe and efficient container for you where you find out what are your desires, find your own truth.

We work with placement of attention, breathing, touch, movement and voice to help people to get into connection with their bodies. Many dysfunctions that people face in their life is symptomatic of people not feeling in their bodies. This is we can learn to do, and then many of those questions will be accessed/seen from a different perspective. 

There is really no agenda – no lessons plan, lessons that you need to learn and then you are fine. But that doesn’t mean that we do whatever. Somatic Coaching modality has both structure and freedom of exploration. We will work on the subject that you will bring and we will work within your personal boundaries and learning intention. In this sense it’s very adaptive and efficient. 

At the same time the work has very clear structure that helps my clients to feel safe.

Whatever we do, my focus is on you – your ability to make a choice and change for yourself, your choice about what is done to you. We find what it is that you need to have a happy fulfilling life, whether it is more clarity with your desires and needs, whether it is more confidence in communication or old patterns that are holding you back. We all are unique and have different needs and desires, we have different needs for safety and connection, we get excited about different things. 

I am here to support people who are committed to exploring and living their purpose, who are eager to impact the world greatly with their unique gift and desire to do this effectively, in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Is this you? Are you ready to empower yourself and your mission?