Individual coaching

From the moment we are born, our family dynamics, culture, race, gender, peers, landscape and institutions influence us to create a body that moves in certain ways through the world.

With Individual Somatic Coaching I offer you a path towards personal development through your body. It invites your body to open and release historical patterns, contractions, tension and stress. In this process of opening and releasing, you create space for more energy and aliveness to run. More aliveness opens the possibility for more choice—more choices about how you show up and how you respond to what life brings you. With more choice you have an opportunity to transform your life and to show up in ways that serve you better.

This is an incredibly valuable approach for people who wants to progress as individual, find peace and develop their capacity to feel. This is done through touch, movement and spoken communication. Working through your body and tapping into its resources and strength can help you with any struggle, challenge, or project you may have. We integrate the body as an essential place of change, learning and transformation. This effective hands-on approach is useful in everyday life situations and teaches you to empower yourself! Once you begin feeling and listening into your body, it will unveil unending secrets as to who you can be.

Individual Somatic Coaching Sessions are for you:

  • When you are eager to change you conditioned tendencies, re-occurring patterns, insecurities or concrete situations in your life where you feel stuck
  • When you are ready to take a honest look on your own patterns, and when you are ready to invest into yourself and your somatic body as the source of transformation, trust and confidence within you, to embody your own truth
  • When you want to take your life into your own hands, shift limiting beliefs, release old fears, integrate difficult past experiences, and transform outdated routine behaviours to feel truly empowered
  • When you are in chronic pain, realise that your physical symptoms are signals of your body to make you realise and and want to learn how to translate their message into healthier behaviors
  • When your want to face your fear, anger and other feelings, and want to grow your emotional competence to take decisions and actions with lightness, compassion, kindness and a clear mind
  • When you want to establish an embodied sense of self, with confidence that enables you to feel and express your desires, needs and boundaries more clearly
  • When you want to raise your physical energy and aliveness and to get the grip to realise your dreams and visions
  • When you want to be empathetic and autonomous in relationships

While I am here to support you, all of this is only possible with your active participation, your commitment to your own growth. This involvement of yours, will allow each session to empower yourself.

What Individual Somatic Coaching will be like?

In every session, you learn through a mix of physical exercises, movement, different forms of touch, breath, sound but also reflection, verbal description, discussion, and training assignments to get you more into your body so that you can feel and find your own answers. The shift happens as much in the sessions, as in its integration into your life.

I will support you with listening and witnessing and asking questions and helping you to listen to the voice of your somatic body.  

We start a session with a conversation leading to setting an intention. Together, we try to understand:

  • What do you want?
  • What are you hoping to change in your life?
  • What is challenging you?
  • Is there something that you wish to let go of?
  • What’s missing in your life?

You will be supported to establish a new practice and fundamentally a new state of being. With one session, we will be able to answer your specific question or work on specific issue. Normally already after a single session people take home some great learning. Depending on you and your goal, the whole processes usually ranges between 1 to 6 months, with mostly weekly sessions.

I work in person in Berlin as well as online.

What will be different after a session?

With bodywork, you will feel an immediately noticeable positive result post-session. You will notice changes in your physical sensation, your feeling, and your thinking. For instance a deeper relaxation, a sense of wholeness or connection, increased physical presence, clarity, stillness or grounding. Through description and affirmation, physical sensations become amplified and integrated into consciousness.

Initial consultation

When you get in touch with me for the first time I offer you initial half an hour one to one consultation for free. It can be arranged through the phone or we meet in person. During this talk, I will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about my approach and you will be able to see for yourself if this is something you are looking for and if you feel comfortable working with me.